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Black Bone Necklace 4mm
Black Bone Necklace 4mm


Black Bone Necklace 4mm

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Black Bone Necklace 4mm

Meet the maker ...

I started this collection a few years ago, I’m a mother of two, we live in the countryside now just outside Ashburton after living in Brighton for 20 years. I grew up on a farm in Devon surrounded by nature and went to Dartington Hall school. I loved making jewellery at school and come from a very artistic family. My father was a relatively well known potter and my mother has been an artistic entrepreneur all of her life.

I love working in nature, gardening and walking. I take a lot of my inspiration from nature, it’s colours and textures. I like my jewellery to reflect my deep connection with nature. I wanted the jewellery to be natural, easy to wear and versatile; To look great with a T-shirt and jeans and equally well with a dress. The ethically sourced bone is wonderful to wear. I love the fact that it’s recycling what otherwise would be thrown away. 

All our bone beads are hand made beads using ethically sourced bone from Indian

buffalo that have died of natural causes. Out of respect for the animal, the Indians use all the parts of the buffalo, including hand-making the beads we use. Our suppler has been to visit the farms where the animals are used on small holdings as well as visiting the bead makers to ensure that the animals are looked after and that the workers are paid well for their work. 

We have worn bone jewellery for thousands of years, there’s an innate connection to bone that we all have in our roots, I can feel that connection when I wear them, it’s warmth and softness beside it’s strength.

The semiprecious stones are wonderful too, with powerful healing properties. The colours of the earth are just incredible. It’s like being in a sweet shop for me. It’s so inspiring to work with the natural colours the earth creates.