Thunders Love Blend Collection Socks
Thunders Love Blend Collection Socks
Thunders Love Blend Collection Socks

Thunders Love

Thunders Love Blend Collection Socks

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  • Thunders Love Socks are designed in a little village in the North west of Spain, at the bottom of a beautiful estuary, at the mouth of Lerez river, near Portugal border, there they are produced in small family workshops by hosiers who have been doing this throughout three generations. Our designs live of the traditional ways of knit in which these hosiers are experts, this combined to the highest cotton quality give our socks its spectacular presence.

  • Our Thunders Love Blend Socks are made with a multicoloured blend of recycled cotton to produce padded and resistant yarns. In this way, quality sock is guaranteed without neglecting fashionable design. 

    We use thin and soft yarns in four different colours in each sock. The sewing machine is responsible for mixing them in the same canal, creating a single multicoloured thread. As a result, we obtain a new flawless merger ready to wear with your boots. In addition, they are knitted in ribbed to get an ergonomic fit.

  • Finely ribbed knit

    - Perfect fit 

    - Skin-friendly and temperature-regulating cotton 

    - Multicoloured cotton blend construction

    - Maximum comfort

    - Sustainable product

  • Recycled Cotton 90%
    - Polyamide 8%
    - Elastane 2%